Christopher Esposito

Born in a small town in Massachusetts, educated at Tufts University.  Captivated by the Japanese culture I moved to Japan in 1994 for a 2 year stint as a research scientist.  “Kidnapped” by the then company and my now wife that 2 years turned into more than 25.  After rising through the corporate ranks to director of research for a division of what became the largest chemical company in the world, I started my own business to be able to spend more time with my young family and persue my dreams.  After a winding path my passion for creation led us to begin creating eyewear and furniture. 

Musings on Creation
Goal as A Designer

Masaya and Hiromi Tada

Masaya was an optician and an eyewear designer for a famous boutique/brand Kamuro, and Hiromi an artist and designer for the well known Boston Club.  After a collision catalyzed by a fellow eyewear designer they decided to spend their life together and move from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo to the serene countryside of Sanjo to join E&E and follow their dreams of truly creating something beautiful.

MASAYA:  I love being the painter that catalyzes the story that begins when a face meets the perfect pair of eyewear and strive to design comfortable eyewear that makes the user feel they have met themselves.

HIROMI:  I find happiness in the cultivation of new ideas and in crafting and creating objects of beauty.  I aim to design eyewear that gives the wearer the feeling of joy when they are looked at.  

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