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Design Concept

Deeply satisfying without overwhelming the senses.  Japanese aesthetic in a neoclassic setting.  Simply put, we strive to create something that makes others look twice and not stare.


Western design and aesthetics have taken over the world.  Big flavors – sweet, salty, spicy overwhelm and dull the senses. But more than enough is often too much.  In our quest for always more always bigger we have deadened our senses, the more we have the less satisfied we are, our products and our lives lack the depth, lack staying power, force us to move on, we are never satisfied.  In our quest we are told we will be happy if we follow the crowd, only to find we don’t fit the ideal image of the crowd, and therefore ourselves.


For those who don’t, nor want to, fit the mold.  Those who don’t want to be run of/through the mill.  For those who say f%#k the talk and walk the walk.  Those who chose not what is “IN” but what speaks to them. Those who do what they do not because they have to but because they must, because it is what they are, because it makes them say oH every morning when they get up.   For the quiet, the contemplative, the creative, the kind.  Those who don’t want you to stare but who want others who understand to look again.  The chief, the ceramic thrower, the silversmith, the chair maker, the guitar player, the writer, the therapist, the volunteer, those who see the details, who work towards a world as it should be, not necessarily how it is.  Those who want something honestly made, who want to feel a connection to what they use and those who made it.  Those like our staff, our designers, and our craftspeople.


Concepts we work towards are based in Japanese aesthetic tradition interpreted in a neoclassic, pop setting.









粋 - Iki

Sophia.  A beautiful brow-line which follows the eyebrow shape popular in the 50’s, a soft arch followed by a quick downturn, a knowing, whimsical look.  Chic neoclassic lines with rich yet funky colors.

Chic expression of appetite for life – a pure unpretentious expression of simplicity, refineme

絶妙 -Zetsumyo

Edwin is all about diametrically opposed design objectives.  A delicate balance of whimsicality and strength, edges and curves.  A relatively narrow PD, but voluminous frame size, the hard line of the step cut yet soft line of the brow.  Both edgy and curvaceous at the same time.  Changing color further changes the balance of these dichotomies.

Perfect balance - exquisite, superb.


The Bishop.  While at first glance the frame appears funky, closer inspection reveals the classic origins and bring you back to a time and place where fine metal rim frames were king.

The feeling of a faint but tangible presence.

然りげ無い -Sarigenai

Kaylin is all about restrained drama.  At first glance from the front, the frame shape seems simple, maybe even a bit boring, but then the lift of the step cut becomes apparent and the whole frame takes on a different form.

Casual, unforced, unconcerned.

Click images for detailed explanation

素朴 -Soboku

Rosie.  A simple, sweet oval with a bit of texture pressed into the back more for the wearer than the person looking.  This simplicity and the color parings come together in a simple perfect balance.

Understated – simplicity, unadorned, plain.

旨味 -Umami

Lil’ Wing.  Classic aviator lens shape with neoclassic lines that suggest a time that never existed but could have, should have.  Soft plastic brow-line with a hard over-bar suggesting power and kindness.  Naturally patterned Damascus steel temples and corner accents add a natural warmth and spontaneity not typically found in metal.

The fifth taste you cannot put your finger on – deep, savory but not easily identifiable.

さっぱり -Sappari

The Count C04.  Simple, clean, neoclassic shape with light transparent grey paired with key lime titanium parts which resonate through the gray giving a light, cool, spring-like feeling.

Plain, Simple, Refreshing.

渋い -Shibui

Persia.  The natural texture of rust, old world paisleys, vintage Chinese round slightly dilapidated shape come together in a neoclassic format that keeps you looking and keeps you guessing.

A deep, dark, rich subtle unobtrusive balance of simplicity and complexity causing us to co

We strive to incorporate these concepts in our eyewear along with honest constructions where you can see and feel the craftspersons’ hands.  We strive to create not just a pair of glasses, but an object, which will become part of a person’s life, not define it.

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